Economy and ecology – in perfect harmony

We take responsibility for our actions and for our future. With ideas and innovative technology, we succeed in working sustainably, environmentally friendly, yet economically. At the same time, we enhance the attractiveness and the working environment of our employees’ workplace.

Resources – repeatedly and conscientiously used!

Thanks to regrinding and reconditioning, we make it possible for you to use your cutting tools over and over again. In addition to that, our goal is “As much as necessary, as little as possible!”. Following this motto, we are able to regrind your tools several times. In this way you too can work in a resource-saving manner, while at the same time reducing your tool costs: regrinding is cheaper than developing and procuring new tools.

Processes – designed to be energy efficient and environmentally friendly!

We use the heat from our air compressors to heat the building with the help of heat exchangers.
Using heat pump technology as well as the waste heat from compressed air generation and the machinery, we ensure environmentally friendly air conditioning of our workshops. Optimal efficiency heat exchangers take over the oil cooling. Thus, the plate heat exchangers can operate extremely energy-efficiently.

Grinding oil is cleaned in a central filter system and returned to the grinding process. This creates a closed loop and the filtered material is returned to the raw material cycle.

Logistics – reliably and sensibly planned!

For us, sustainable management means putting all processes to the test and designing them optimally. For example, we rely on proven and re liable parcel services for pick-ups – and thus relieve traffic on the roads.