Your needs. Your success. Our goal!

We pursue a clear goal: We want to support your production in line with your needs. That is why we are committed to you. METZ Tools and FRANKE Grinding Technology – your tool specialists with many years of experience and with proven strengths.

We guarantee you high-quality, durable tools and individual tools, according to your specific requirements.

Industry 4.0: More than just tools

We stand for much more than just standards. Benefit from a variety of services related to cutting tools. We support you in becoming a little better every day.

For example, we offer you a wide selection of high-quality coatings. We also provide individual laser marking, fully automatic tool measurement and detailed measurement protocols. Our pick-up and delivery service rounds off our professional and versatile range of services.

Technology: State-of-the-art

During our production process, we rely on modern machinery and high-performance systems.

For the repair of milling tools and the production of special tools, we use modern, 5-axis CNC precision grinding machines. In addition, our technical equipment includes a standardised machine park with FANUC CNC and intelligent MTS Tool-kit professional software. With this perfect interaction of hardware and software, we create optimal surface quality.

Measuring devices from Zoller and Alicona support quality assurance both before and after tool machining.


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Sustainability: For the future

Economy and ecology in perfect harmony: We take responsibility for our actions and for our future. With ideas and innovative technology, we succeed in working in a sustainable, environmentally friendly and, at the same time, economical way. At the same time, we increase the attractiveness and atmosphere of our employees’ workplaces.

Processes: Energy-efficient and environmentally friendly!

We use the heat from our air compressors in conjunction with heat exchangers to heat our buildings. With heat pump technology and the waste heat from compressed air generation and machines, we ensure environmentally friendly air-conditioning in our halls.

Heat exchangers with optimum efficiency take over the oil cooling. In this manner, the plate heat exchangers work extremely energy-efficiently. Our grinding oil is also cleaned in a central filter system and the grinding sludge obtained from this is returned to the raw material cycle.

Resources: Consciously and repeatedly used!

With our regrinding service, we make it possible to extend the service life of your cutting tools to the maximum. And in manufacturer quality. In this way, we make a significant and responsible contribution to sustainable management with regard to resources, raw materials and operating materials.

Highest quality: For your satisfaction

In addition to technical competence, we are characterised by a particular customer-friendly and uncomplicated service. The result: we can turn orders around faster than many other suppliers on the market – without compromising quality.

The latest generation CNC machines

In our production, we rely on high-performance, state-of-the-art machines and systems. For the repair of milling tools and the production of special tools, we rely on modern, 5-axis CNC precision grinding machines.

High-precision measurement technology

For highest precision: We measure what we grind! For this we rely on the market leaders from Zoller and Alicona. Non-contact and fully automatic measuring is, of course, standard for us and enables us to comply with your requirements with the highest precision. We are also happy to provide detailed measurement protocols.

Qualified experts

Our employees receive regular training and are specially trained to meet our quality standards.

Industry 4.0

In our production, we use a networked machine park and computer-aided production control. This means that we always have your orders, requirements and delivery times on hand and achieve a high level of production efficiency.

Networks and partners

Partnerships create synergies: Through cooperation and long-term collaboration with various partners, we create real added value for our customers.

Together towards progress

New technologies, the advancing digitalisation of processes and the high demand for qualified specialists: The tasks and challenges we face today and in the future are great. In facing these challenges, the Professional Association for Precision Tool Mechanics (FDPW) advises and accompanies us.

The FDPW supports all companies in the precision tool mechanic trade with a diverse range of services – from their QM system to qualified training and further education, to the international industry meeting GrindTec.

In partnership for the optimum solution

Shared know-how, united in partnership: We have been a partner of MTS AG since 2016. The Swiss grinding software company develops modular, machine and control independent CNC software for grinding machines. In addition to the standard modules customary in the industry, MTS AG itself implements highly specialised requirements – especially in the field of special tools. With our customers’ needs in mind, we test the latest new and enhanced developments of the MTS software.

Certified precision. Optimum quality. Our strength!

We stand for excellent standards. Because only when we deliver exceptional quality can our customers also create the highest quality in their own production process.

We are certified according to the DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 standard in the areas of “Production and distribution of precision tools made from carbide and HSS” as well as the “Regrinding of cutting tools”.